A wine Journey without borders

From cover to cover the Amsterdamse wijnkoperij is an amazement that we are very happy to share with anyone who takes the time to travel with us through the fantastic world of wine. A journey full of discoveries, a story that is never finished, a dance with life itself.

Because of this way of living and working, we always come across new fantastic wines while searching, tasting and trying that sparkle with the passion of the winemaker. A passion that translates into wines that are harmonious and balanced. Wine as wine is meant to be. Honest and pure. Often unique in character.

For that you need winemakers who not only take infinite care for the grapes in the cellar, but also for the grapes in the field. And to understand what exactly this grape in this place and with the weather conditions of this year can ultimately yield a unique taste in our glass. This requires not only dedication, but also a lot of knowledge, a lot of work, sometimes infinite patience and the absolute will to make the best possible out of it

Great classics and the alternatives

If you have unlimited money and love fantastic wine, you prefer to buy wines from the classic wine regions, such as Bordeaux and Burgundy. Simply because the most beautiful wines come from these areas, especially in terms of complexity. Most winegrowers outside those classic areas really try everything to imitate these wines. And that is far from easy!

The Amsterdam WIJNKOPERIJ focuses on finding and selling both the great classics and the perfect alternatives for them.

Unique winegrowers who with infinite patience, dedication and love are busy every day of the year with the grape, the soil, the weather and the cellars to make that wine that makes both themselves and the Amsterdam WINE BUYER completely enthusiastic. And we expect our customers too!

Below we proudly present a selection of our winemakers.