Giuseppe Brancatelli is not only a very amiable person but also a very passionate winemaker. He was once the owner of restaurant Brancatelli in Rotterdam, the very first to bring Super Tuscans to the Netherlands. He now makes them himself; and how!

Born the son of a winegrower from Messina in Sicily, he learned as a boy from his father the love and tricks of winemaking. When he was 21 years old, the world called him to explore it further and so his journey began in Rotterdam, where he ended up in the hospitality industry as a student. Blood flows where it can’t go, which resulted in the Italian/Sicilian restaurant that he and his brother built from scratch in the 1990s. At the end of the 1990s, the always searching Giuseppe came into contact with the then virtually unknown Super Tuscans and immediately recognized the enormous potential. He was the first in the Netherlands to import the Solaia from the very renowned winery Antinori, the Ornellaia from Tenuta della Ornellaia and the Sassiscaia. It was the start of another adventure for him and also the start of a great pleasure for the many Dutch who have since become addicted to the ever-improving Super Tuscans.

For years he searched Italy for the ideal place to start his own winery. Finally, in 1999, he found that super spot 35 kilometers south of Bolgheri, the capital of the Super Tuscans. Giuseppe wouldn’t be Giuseppe if he didn’t find just that other place; that place where he suspected could be ideal for making Super Tuscans in a 100% organic way. In Riotorto in the Val di Cornia a few kilometers from the Tyrrhenian Sea, soil and climate were subjected to a meticulous analysis. It would turn out to be ideal in the end: Beautiful calcareous fertile soil and a salty sea breeze  which, circling the valley, quickly dispels the morning mist; solar heat and cooling. Not yet used by anyone to plant wine grapes. That was not easy either. First, the ground was opened up to 110 centimeters and then left fallow for more than a year. Then they started planting the right grapes for this area: Syrah from the Rhone and Petit Verdot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc from Bordeaux. Of course only top quality vines. To finally make the first wine in 2005!


La Vita è Bella

Brancatelli now owns around 60 hectares in the Val di Cornia. About 75,000 bottles are bottled and sold annually. In order to make the wine better and better, there is intensive collaboration with the well-known oenologist, Graziana Grassini. New and surprising wines are constantly being developed; always looking for new highlights. He now also makes a beautiful white Ansonica! It is never lost sight of the fact that it is above all the combination of 3 worlds that make his wines so beautiful: The power and complexity of the French grapes, the correct use of French oak and the warm Italian sun that sets the wine at the first taste. just give it that light sweetness and then turn into a nice dry aftertaste. And all this with a good price/quality ratio.

How did Brancatelli’s wines end up on the shelves of the Amsterdam Wijnkoperij? That is a different story: A guest of restaurant Auguste, enthusiastic about the wines served there, decided to invite Giuseppe Brancatelli for dinner in Auguste. Owner Siwan approached the men and started a chat, just like that…. A talk that continues to this day. A chat between two more than passionate wine enthusiasts. Wine enthusiasts who eventually even decide to make the beautiful Don Giovanni especially for the Amsterdam Winery. A delicious and truly unique Super Tuscan.

And the man Giuseppe Brancatelli? That is several special characters in one person. A typical Italian family man. An entrepreneur. Someone who likes to have a good time and love the beautiful things in life. Someone who likes to share life. An enthusiastic winemaker. It remains special to experience how he starts talking in peace, very deliberately, about making his wines. Suddenly it’s a different man. A serious craftsman who explains slowly and without jokes. Always respectful. Respectful for the wine, for the wine drinkers and for its guests.

His guests? Hell yes; In the middle of its vineyards is Azienda Agricola Biologica Brancatelli . A unique place to rest and enjoy as a guest. Apartments, swimming pool and above all his own restaurant where he prepares unforgettable Tuscan meals. As he himself says: ‘We have everything for you to do nothing at all’

La vita e bella!

Azienda Agricola Biologica Brancatelli