Domaine Andron

Fantastically located in the Haut-Médoc, a 5-minute walk from Saint-Estephe, lies the village of Saint-Seurin de Cadourne. In and close to that village, in the middle of the most prestigious wine region in the world, are the vineyards of Domaine Andron. Surrounded by large chateaus such as Chateau Charmail and Chateau Sociando Mallet, this pearl is unknown. But that won’t be long!

Is that a miracle? Yes and no. ‘Yes’ when you drink the now nicely matured 2006 vintage. ‘No’ when you know that in addition to making wine, ‘putting wine on the market’ is also a profession – especially in Bordeaux. The latter has not worked out well for years.

The winemaker, about which more later, has the fantastic advantage of working here on 14 hectares, divided over 25 plots, on the famous left bank. This pebble bank is defined, calculated from Bordeaux, by St-Julien, Margaux, Pauillac, and St-Estephe. If you walk for 5 minutes – at the same distance and height of the Gironde and still in the Haut-Médoc – you will arrive at the domains of Domaine Andron. Of these 14 ha. is only 10 hectares. used for wine making. The other 4 hectares. is full of young plantings and thus guarantees the future of the domaine. On those 10 hectares. are the Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc, of which only the best grapes are used for the Domaine Andron. It is an extra advantage that this small domaine gratefully piggybacks on the great climate protection of the nearby and 10 times larger Chateau Sociando Mallet.

Jean-Michel Dubos

Winemaker and oenologist



The great winemaker and oenologist Jean-Michel Dubos, with his experience as a director in a premier grand cru vineyard in St-Emilion, takes advantage of all these unique opportunities. Who wouldn’t want to grow wine grapes on the same land and with the same microclimate as the winegrowers of St-Estephe? In addition, he has access to the most modern cellar equipment that has been installed by new investors in recent years. Equipment that you rarely encounter in such a relatively small domain.

Will it really work now? Absolutely! From 2006 there has been expansion with beautiful plots, great investments have been made in the right cellar equipment and the domaine has the right winemakers. Taste that beautifully matured and complex wine from 2006 and add to that all the extra effort of the last few years and the expectations rise with each new harvest. Perhaps the biggest challenge lies in letting all that potential lie quiet for 10 years (or longer).

What you get is a beautiful complex and matured Haut-Médoc which is comparable to a beautiful St-Estephe. Aged in new oak, this wine develops into a full-bodied, firm and complex wine with the scent of attractive red fruit.