Domaine Ginglinger Alsace

The place where noble grape varieties including Riesling
and Gewürz can grow very large.

Éliane Ginglinger, is president of the syndicate of independent winegrowers of Alsace, where she fights with heart and soul to ensure that estates retain their family character.

The estate is located in the heart of the Alsace region in the charming promontory village of Voegtlinshoffen, nicknamed “The balcony of Alsace”. Vines have been planted there since the 13th century and is part of the district of Colmar. The family benefits from the experience, craftsmanship and traditions of a long generation of winegrowers dating back to 1610. All vineyards are on slopes and benefit from an exceptional microclimate. The grapes are each harvested manually. Eliane: ‘We develop fine and balanced wines with beautiful aroma expressions. They can be tasted as such with or without side dishes. This is because our wines are genuine wines with pleasure and sincerity, making them valued with the wonderful memory of terroirs where they were born.’