Poepel Cremant

To get the dinner off to a really festive and sparkling start, champagne is of course the perfect start. The alternative to that expensive champagne is Poepel and therefore recommended as a house aperitif.

Give me a glass of Poop, mister the innkeeper! (Sjam)-Poepel, is an old Dutch word that was used several times as a pet name for champagne (in the student cities). The reason behind it may be a Calvinist thought where people were embarrassed by an expensive bottle of sparkling wine and wanted to appear more subdued. Poepel can also be regarded as blasé, where it serves as a coddle word whenever a bottle of Sjam-Poepel was ordered again. Anyway, Poepel is a concept that should not disappear from our vocabulary. That is a mission that we have started with the release of this refined Cremant series from Luxembourg. A tasteful glass of bubbles with a perfect price-quality ratio to offer as an aperitif. Because who wouldn’t want to start dinner with a cheerful glass of Poepel?

Jean-Michel Dubos

Wijnmaker en oenoloog


Domaine Vinsmoiselle Luxembourg

The very first viticulture in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg dates back to some 2000 years ago. Wine was also grown in Luxembourg in the Middle Ages. Due to the change in the climate, this is now only possible along the Moselle. This valley, which is only 36 kilometers long, receives relatively little rainfall and has a special microclimate compared to the rest of Luxembourg. Winters are mild and temperature fluctuations are limited. Crémant is a sparkling wine originally from France. This wine is made according to the traditionnelle method. Before 1993, this vinification was called méthode champenoise.

All this together results in a crémant with fine color and soft mousse, a fresh attack and pleasant aftertaste in which fruit dominates.