Église the Saint-Seurin the Cadourne


There’s only one reason we don’t make this much more prominent. The number of bottles is very limited with a very high demand from real enthusiasts.

Still, we’re going to tell. Because we like it so much ourselves. At the Domaine Andron, located close to St Estephe, we have our own hectare of land in a great wine-growing area. We grow our own grapes on those hectares. And we make our own wine from those grapes, with the help of Andron’s top people!

Because the harvest is different every year, which is characteristic of Bordeaux, the wine will taste slightly different every year. In order to give the harvest and the wine the right atmosphere, we then send 2 samples of this wine in the making to a composer specially selected for that harvest. With the request to taste good and to compose a piece of classical music that fits seamlessly with the characteristics of that vintage.


Musical Wine

For the 2015 vintage, for example, we collaborated with the well-known composer Laurens van Rooyen, which resulted in the excellent St Seurin. A beautiful bottle of Haut-Médoc, with on the label the first bars  of the piece of music composed especially for these bottles.

Needless to say, the presentation of this top cuvée in our own Loods at the end of 2017 was a great event. Naturally, Laurens van Rooyen himself was behind the grand piano when the classic tones filled De Loods to the last cracks.

Was the wine nice? Have we learned anything from making wine ourselves? Whether the music had added value? Was the presentation anything special? Let me put it this way: A hint of a blissful smile is still not quite dead.

On to the next year!