Skaap Wines

The Schaap banking family from Huizen only started in 2005 with the winery, which is appropriately located on the Schaapenberg. Here it is high and there is a cool sea breeze which is perfect for a slow ripening of the grapes. They have now attracted one of the best winemakers in South Africa, Riaan Oosthuizen. Riaan, who has won the necessary prizes after 15 years of work experience at various top wineries, saw a great opportunity to make the ‘best wines of the Cape’ at this young winery. That works!

Jean-Michel Dubos

Wijnmaker en oenoloog

Somerset West

Stellenbosch South Africa

Special estate of the Dutch
family Sheep on Somerset west.

Not only we think so, Platter (The wine guide of South Africa) awarded the 2017 harvest with 5 stars. The great thing about this winery is that it is not for profit. A large part of the proceeds go to underprivileged young people in
South Africa. The winery also lets the youngsters produce the beautiful sheep figurines from street waste for employment.