Wine Cellars

Have your wine cellar appraised and/or sold?

Selling your wine cellar

Almost every wine cellar has been built with great care and passion. Yet there almost always comes a time, for whatever reason, when the contents of the cellar must be disposed of. What could be better than selling the entire contents, without any work on your part, with a high chance that these wines will again end up with someone with a passion for wine?

In addition to our predilection, we at the Amsterdamse Wijnkoperij also specialize in aged wines. With our expertise we have gained a lot of experience with the purchase and sale of (cellar) wines at home and abroad. That is why we are able to do a direct valuation of your collection on the spot at your home. We do not need an overview list or photos for this. We come personally and take the time when necessary. Efficient and for you the least effort.

If, after appraisal, you want to make use of our offer on the complete contents of the cellar (we will not leave you with the wines that are less interesting to us), we will come and collect the wines ourselves. This not only saves you lugging work, but also the risk of damage and depreciation. In addition, we will arrange the transfer if the payment is often within 5 days. Think about that at an auction house.

The advantages

Your advantages, especially compared to selling through an auction house:

  • You sell everything you want to get rid of and you are not left with (unsaleable) remnants
  • You have no work on it. You don’t have to make lists, no photography and no lugging.
  • We offer a guaranteed price. If you offer the wines through an auction, you do not have this guarantee, you have to deal with brokerage costs and the sales can be enormously disappointing.
  • Within a few days we can value your wines, make an offer, empty your cellar and pay a market price. When selling through an auction house you first have to wait for the next auction, several auctions are needed to get the wines sold and you have to wait months for your money.

Have your wine cellar set up

Set up wine cellar

For both the wine lover and the passionate wine connoisseur, having, building and enjoying a beautiful wine cellar is a dream. But how do you do that? How do you keep that dream from turning into a nightmare?

  • Most wines, if properly stored, only become more beautiful over the years. But which wines are those?
  • From an economic point of view, it is always better to buy wines young than matured. Which young wines have the most potential? Why is it wise to buy different and more wines?
  • Which wines best suit your taste and will continue to amaze and pleasantly surprise you in the future?
  • How do you create the best conditions for keeping wines in good condition with and without a cellar?

Make an appointment without obligation

We at the Amsterdamse Wijnkoperij like to make time for enthusiasts. We advise you extensively and are of course happy to let you taste!

In addition, we give our ‘wine companions’ free advice on valuable wine investments. An expertise that we have built up through dedication and years of experience through the right, often unknown, channels.